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Hygge Who? Why we all need a little more hygge in our lives

13 May 2020 No Comments

Hygge (say it together, hue-gah) is the Danish word for recognising special moments of coziness, comfort and slower simplicity. Hygge can be considered a philosophy or way of thinking that embraces the gifts of connecting mindfully with  ordinary moments. Hygge celebrates unplugging, unwinding and unravelling from the pressures of the outside world in favour of comfort and contentedness. Needless to say, with the uncertain times we face, we could all take a moment to consider the hygge of our everyday lives.

When asked, one of the most common moments of quiet joy people easily identify is sitting on the couch with loved ones, doing nothing in particular other than enjoying the reassurance and comfort of familiar company.  Cosy, contented and charmed, hygge is the moment when all is well in the world whether the world is well or not. It doesn’t rely on attaining something, problems being solved or stresses ending, yet a peaceful moment in time can be recognised; that moment is the experience of hygge.

Simple day-to-day rituals can create meaningful moments, and in developing a mindful awareness of them we can find a little calm in the chaos going on right now. “Joy comes from appreciation, and appreciation comes from paying attention” is a wonderful Zen saying that perhaps shows us why knitting is so relaxing as the moment at hand becomes what matters, even just for a short time.

When we were coming up with names for our cozy knitted blankets we wanted something that captured not just the gorgeously snuggly outcome but the comforting experience of making them too. There’s a reason the Danes have some of the happiest people in the world, coziness is key! We wanted to celebrate the sense of kinship knitting creates with others, the calm it offers within ourselves, and how it invites us to slow down and savour a delicious moment in time; and so our Hygge Blankets were born. 

Jayne’s Hygge moment:

Sitting on my deck in the mornings, knitting amongst my dogs Finn and Halo. In that moment I can find a cozy enjoyment, even when there’s so much going on.

Sheryl’s Hygge moment:

After making my morning coffee I sit in my knitting chair and really take a moment to appreciate it. It feels like all the things hygge means to me: warmth, comfort, and the quiet noticing of experiencing that moment.

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