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Koigu Kirsti: colourful creations

30 September 2020 No Comments

Hailing from Canada, Koigu Yarns have been on our radar for sometime with their exceptional 100% merino textiles and boldly painted colourways that make choosing just one nearly impossible. The Koigu namesake is a town in Estonia, drawing on family heritage, while the rest of the Landra family story is set in a rural area outside of Toronto. While the family and farm has changed and expanded, each skein is still hanked, hand-painted and packaged by the family and a small, locally employed team. 

Kersti (founder Mai’s granddaughter) has what we consider to be a stunning yarn named after her. The Koigu Kersti yarn is a double knit yarn, making it a more accessible weight for a wide variety of projects while continuing to offer the same gorgeous handpainted colourways from the rest of the Koigu collection. What makes it incredibly luxe is that it is merino spun into crêpe, maximising elasticity while maintaining a lightness. 

Soft in texture and bold in colour, we continue to grow our Koigu Kersti collection and patterns that celebrate this yarn for its heritage as a small family business and lovingly crafted collection that contributes to some of our own most memorable pieces.

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