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The Sloth Sock Craze

21 March 2021

When we first created the Sloth Sock Kit we never dreamed it would be so popular so we’d like to give a BIG shout out to all the Sloth Sock knitters out there – all over New Zealand and Australia. I guess there has been a few good things with Covid, it has meant more time at home and caused a resurgence in knitting!

So what is the Sloth Sock?

If you are new to the concept it’s a relatively easy knit tube sock that is designed to slouch and be warm and comfy for lounging around home in a ‘slothful’ manner. Or lazy meanderings in your socks and Birkenstocks! Being a tube sock there is none of the tricky heel and gusset section to the sock – that’s another lesson for another day.

The sloth socks are knitted with one ball of Zauberball Crazy Yarn thus introducing the one ball – two socks scenario. The Zauberall crazy is a self striping 75%wool/25% nylon (needed for durability) yarn that comes in a range of gorgeous blends of colour and tweed that is a delightful surprise to knit.

The fundamentals of Sloth Sock knitting

Other than the fact that you will become addicted to sock knitting there are a couple of things to know.

  1. In the Sloth Sock Kit with Needles option are the tiny brilliance from ChiaoGoo – the Twist Short Mini Combo set of circular needles. These are specifically for ‘mini knitting’ as the cables and tips are shorter so therefore you can go round and round easily without having to use double point needles or magic loop. 
  2. We use the long tail cast on method in the pattern and the invisible join in the round – if that sounds like freaky knit speak to you then we’ve created an overly long and sometimes boring but necessary to watch YouTube video that hopefully explains those aspects in greater detail.

There’s not much else we can say except CAST ON and HAPPY KNITTING!

Oh actually, just in case you have scrolled this far – one last thing – The Sloth Head is coming!! Stay tuned.

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